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Transition Twin Cities is hosting a different kind of book group. People from each of the Transition groups in the city - and anyone who is interested - will be reading one or a few of the very brief chapters in the book "Drawdown." The book offers a set of solutions to climate change identified by a group of scientists looking at available technologies, greenhouse gas impacts and cost. These solutions are wide-ranging, and may not be what you expect!

Not every solution can be done by an individual or in every part of the world, but let's look at what we can do here - together - on a practical level. We met in November 2018 and we'll host a potluck dinner conversation in February 2019 to decide on action steps. If you'd like to get notice of that meeting, contact Leslie.

In Transition groups across the Twin Cities, across the U.S., and across the globe, neighbors come together to create more socially connected and resilient communities for a more sustainable future by taking immediate action to:

Transition thinks globally and acts locally

Transition US and the global Transition network have engaged hundreds of thousands of people in community action across the planet — people of all ages, races, religions and income levels. The challenge of climate change will affect us all. By working together we can help to shape our shared future and provide support for one another as we face the changes ahead.

Connect to a Transition group in your area

Check out the Twin Cities Transition groups listed on this website. Find the one nearest you, visit a meeting, participate in an activity, join their Facebook group.

If there is no group in your neighborhood, feel free to attend one in another community. Most Transition group activities are open to the public.

Better yet, start a group in your part of town. It’s easy. Contact the Transition Twin Cities organizer and share your name, email and neighborhood. When there are four people in your area who also want to start a group,  we'll connect you together and provide resources to help you get started.

Transition Videos: Taking Action - Changing Lives

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Transition Trainings

Would you like to learn more about the issues that Transition covers? Are you interested in starting Transition group but don't know where to begin?

  • Transition US hosts a variety of online trainings. Watch their website for upcoming sessions. (If you are signing up for training because you want to start a Transition group or deepen your involvement in an existing group, contact Contact Leslie at Transition Twin Cities to find out about our matching funds program.)
  • ocal Transitioners Leslie MacKenzie and Rachel Hefte have developed a series of workshops to help people get up to speed on energy, climate, transit, food, waste, and economy right here in Minnesota. You'll also learn about Transition principles and practices and how you can start and run a successful Transition group. If you would like to be part of the next series (we need a minimum of 10 people), fill out the interest form and we will contact you.

Transition National Gathering Videos

There are several videos available online with speakers from the 1st US National Transition Gathering, held in St. Paul in July, 2017. Speakers with * are active in Transition; the other speakers are relevant to Transition. See the videos here: