1 November 2016 – Meeting Notes

Topics discussed:

Eastside Co-op vote on consolidation with Wedge, Linden Hills co-ops

Walipini at Northeast United Methodist Church, meeting with Mpls city code people and ally Nancy Prismus

Walipini in S Mpls built by Sisters Camelot organization

Seasons Unity organization (involved in initial planning / construction of walipinis in area)

Homegrown Minneapolis initiative within city gov’t

Gardening Matters organization

Inquiry from representative of Food Freedom radio show – Sat. a.m., AM 950

Sustainability Resource Fair organized by St. Anthony Park (St. Paul) Transition group – Sat. 12 Nov., 9-12, Luther Seminary, 1501 Fuller, St. Paul

Mushrooms (oyster) grown indoors on straw / coffee grounds: straw treated with garden lime water to sterilize; technique common in other parts of world

BBC period farm series (Tudor monastery, Edwardian . . . )

PBS survival shows

Ruth Goodman books (How to Be a Victorian, How to Be an Edwardian, etc.)

Root Simple podcast

“Living Buildings” challenge: “A Living Building is integrated with and mimics natural processes, and obtains all necessary resources for operation from the natural environment (rainwater, wind, sunlight), which achieves a net-zero impact on the environment . . . A Living Building produces its own energy from renewable sources and releases zero greenhouse gas emissions; it functions with the water that falls upon the site, capturing rainwater for interior and exterior uses; and treats all wastewater on-site. It creates zero net waste and sources sustainable materials.”

Public information / discussion session (Thursday, 17 November, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Northeast United Methodist Church, Lowry & Cleveland) will include techniques of indoor food production, in addition to (previously planned) indoor composting.