2 August 2016 – Meeting Notes

Topics discussed, events mentioned

Badgetsett Research Corp., specializing in perennial crops including hazelnuts — annual field day on 20 August — http://www.badgersett.com

Japanese beetles — 2016 a bad year for their destruction: raspberry, hazelnut, fireweed

Outreach ideas: an “Integral House” tour or “Resilience Skills” tour; Green Wizards discussion group (referencing Green Wizards book by John Michael Greer)

treehugger.com — home page for one attendee

Northeast tool library has moved to different space in Thorp Building, offers classes (e.g., making cutting board) — http://nemtl.org

Eastside Food Co-op consolidation (with Wedge and Linden Hills) proposal: board has not voted to recommend consolidation; 15 August “open house” with all three co-ops; Co-op Partners warehouse (owned by Wedge) has been good for local farmers; some objections to stocking out-of-season produce (e.g., FL corn in May); some volume discounts possible through consolidation

Transition Northeast Minneapolis events being planned (dates / venue posted on calendar when available):
Sept. — home energy / heating;
Oct. — food storage;
Nov. — indoor composting

Northland Sustainable Solutions events: three evening salons, first on Wed. 17 August at Summit Brewing, St. Paul — https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-circle-that-bridges-communities-tickets-26022871108