4 October 2016 – Meeting Notes

(Monthly meeting at Diamonds Cafe, Central Ave.)

Report on Sustainable Home Tour (formerly known as the Solar Tour), organized by Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, on 1 October

Visits to two sites in North Mpls (“kismet cottage” and retrofit featuring new insulated wall inside brick building); and to The Rose at Portland & Franklin in South Mpls (featuring reduced-flush toilets: 0.8 gal/flush vs. current standard 1.2 gal/flush).

General discussion of municipal water and waste — Des Moines, IA, suit vs. agriculture pollution; MN lakes and rivers, “mounting environmental threats” to upper Mississippi, Twin Cities’ vulnerability (see first of series of special investigative articles in Star Tribune )

“Deep winter greenhouse program” — UMN St. Paul campus

Urban “greenhouses” attached to existing structures — don’t refer to as “greenhouses” in seeking building permits.

Nokomis-neighborhood group (South Mpls) seeking to convert Hiawatha golf course — beset with drainage / high-water-table problems — to food forest.

Columbia Golf Course in NE Mpls — location of onetime Lake Sandy — also has drainage problems in event of heavy rains: another future food forest?

Biodigester / methane generation projects — Dancing Turtle research institute, Pine River, MN

Minneapolis energy vision advisory committee — openings? applications?

Food preservation information session — Thurs., 27 October, 6:30 p.m., Northeast United Methodist Church (Lowry & Cleveland Aves.)