6 September 2016 – Meeting Notes

Discussion mostly related to upcoming Northeast Transition Town event on 29 September, topic: energy savings and home heating

Solar power generation / usage chart — via utility web site

Gail Tverberg article “Intermittent Renewables Can’t Favorably Transform Grid Electricity”

Tim’s effort to reduce energy usage by 5% / year (on-track): induction stove top more efficient, old dehumidifier more costly, small savings by disconnecting old transformer and using direct-connect (land, not cordless: requiring grid power) phone line, new refrigerator and dishwasher; considering insulated interior wall between day-use and night-use areas of home; Kill-a-Watt meter useful

Low-Tech Magazine articles to print / pass around at 29 Sept. event

BPA still being used as coating inside canned foods

Sandbox farm business incubator – Ham Lake, MN – current status uncertain