5 July 2016 – Meeting Notes

Transition Northeast Minneapolis

Garden reports, including pear tree pruning / training and volunteer purslane (commercially available at Holy Land Market)

Implementation of recently-installed PV system: half the typical electric bill (3.2 kWH system) with $40/mo credit from Xcel Energy; 25 year lifespan on panels, with linear decline in energy return

Minnesota energy transition project led by former state legislator Ellen Anderson — see stories online here and here, and video here.

An unlikely-sounding energy storage concept involving railroad cars filled with rocks and a relatively short track on a slope.

The Commons Transition “database of practical experiences and policy proposals aimed toward achieving a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal organization.”

The consolidation proposal involving the neighborhood’s Eastside Food Co-op.

The recent podcast featuring Dmitry Orlov and Chris Martenson: “The US is Sleepwalking Towards a Nuclear Confrontation,” following on a warning on the drift toward war issued by a group of concerned Russians, and Martenson’s own analysis.