Other Minnesota Community Groups

Transition Groups in Minnesota

There are Transition groups operating in Greater Minnesota, as well as groups doing very similar work at the grassroots community level but not calling themselves "Transition."  Click through to learn more about those groups. If there is a group in your community, feel free to drop in at an event or to email the contact person.

If there is no group in your area, START ONE! It’s not hard. There is no paperwork. There is no cost. All you need is a space to meet and a few people who – like you – want to make a difference in your community. Transition Twin Cities can help you with ideas and resources.

Contact Transition Twin Cities.

If you’d like help getting a group started, just ask. Organizers in other area groups will be happy to talk with you about what they did, and can provide you with access to resources.

Transition Northfield Members Share

“Transition is a part of daily life, a part of my decision-making process. You are always in Transition.”

“Transition includes blocking actions to stop harmful activities. It identifies alternative actions. And it includes actions that raise us to a new level of consciousness.”

“Our group provides Transition-aware solutions so we have tools on the shelf when we need them -- ready-to-use skills for a future world.”