Transition Northfield

Transition Northfield formed in 2009. For many years it met once a month to plan and execute a wide variety of activities, but the group now meets sporadically. Core members are active in the local food movement, herbalism, and community solar gardens. The most current project the group reports it is working on is a time bank.

Members are also interested in defining solutions for likely emergency scenarios, such as floods and economic downturns, in order to identify neighborhood-based, Transition-aware solutions that can be applied, should the need arise.

In past years, Transition Northfield has undertaken some very significant projects.

  • The group hosted six large community meetings to gather community input and then wrote an energy descent action plan, called a Community Resilience Transition Plan that looked at energy, food, water and the local economy.
  • They ran two Resilient Household action groups using the book, “Survival Mom,” and members increased their knowledge and preparedness by increasing their home energy efficiency, taking farm tours, joining together for bulk food purchasing, learning basic emergency response skills, and other things.
  • They did fun group activities like building a chicken coop, hosting a sheet mulching workshop, sponsoring a weekend farm apprenticeship, and hosting an apple-pressing and potluck for families.
  • Transition Youth spun off from the adult Transition group and engaged youth in Earth Day activities around garbage and recycling. (The group evolved into YPac.)

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