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Corcoran GROWS is a group of neighbors who believe tough environmental problems can be addressed by our neighborhood coming together to learn, share, and support one another. In order to accomplish our goals, we are using the Transition Town framework.

The mission of Corcoran GROWS is to unleash the potential of its neighbors, through a variety of efforts that empower our community to work together toward greater self-reliance. The goals we seek to accomplish are to:

  • Educate each other about global resource depletion by sharing our knowledge, skills, and resources at the local level.
  • Advocate for personal and collective actions that sustain and improve life for present and future generations.
  • Rejuvenate relationships with ourselves, our neighbors and the land.

GROWS is launching it's "university" series, which will include a monthly showing of individual episodes of “Years of Living Dangerously,”  followed later in the month by an opportunity to meet and learn what your neighbors are doing to turn global climate issues into personal moments of transformation and ingenuity.


Composting for Slackers
Thursday April 26th from 6:30-8pm @ 3435 22nd Ave
You've heard about the layering and the carbon/nitrogen balance and the temperature and the turning- now hear about the reality! Anne Holzinger, Jeanette Torkelson and Marissa Tappy share different ways in which they've made composting work for them, their time and their household. Get ready for composting ACTUALLY made easy.

Weds. May 2nd from 6:30-8pm @ 3540 Longfellow Ave
Episode 4 of Years of Living Dangerously:  Fueling the Fire

Corcoran Neighborhood Organization's Annual BBQ/board elections
Weds. May 9th from 5:30-7pm @ Corcoran Park
We'll be offering a neighborly plant/seed swap.  Bring your spring seedlings, extra seeds and cuttings to exchange.  All are welcome and everything will find a home!

Kombucha for Everyone
Wed. May 16th from 6:30-8pm @ 3507 24th Ave. S
No doubt you've heard about it! Whether you're a consumer of it or a maker of it you will benefit from Ethan Nuss' knowledge and experience on the subject.

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5 months ago

Hello neighbors the big rain is tomorrow, so let's keep litter from being washed down to our lakes and streams. Add your results on line to our citywide totals and we'll mail you a Chinook book app. 🙂 www.litterbegone.org ...

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5 months ago

Hello GROWS and Adopt a Drain buddies! Lets get our blocks and stormdrains ready for winter (and keep our nearby lake hiawatha clean) Oct 4 through Oct 13. Add your results to our citywide total and i will drop off a chinook book app for you. Thanks! Sean Gosiewski www.litterbegone.org ...

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