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Corcoran GROWS is a group of concerned neighbors who believe tough environmental problems can be addressed by our neighborhood coming together to learn, share, and support one another. In order to accomplish our goals, we are using the Transition Town framework and its 12 step process.

The mission of Corcoran GROWS is to unleash the potential of its neighbors, through a variety of efforts that empower our community to work together toward greater self-reliance. The goals we seek to accomplish are to:

  • Educate each other about global resource depletion by sharing our knowledge, skills, and resources at the local level.
  • Advocate for personal and collective actions that sustain and improve life for present and future generations.
  • Rejuvenate relationships with ourselves, our neighbors and the land.

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This new tax bill will allow drilling in parts of the Arctic. Watch this video from the Indigenous Environmental Network to learn more about the fight against drilling in Alaska!

Protectors of an Arctic Refuge ...

“To me, our (traditional) way of life is more valuable than any economic benefit” - @Faith Gemmill of REDOIL. In this powerful video Faith shares the story of how her village is being impacted by climate change and oil industry and how they are fighting to keep culture and traditions alive. Watch and share!


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