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Transition NE is a “mulling” group, which means it is a less formal group that is not registered with the national transition network. The group formed in 2011 as an offshoot of a study group that met weekly at the Blue Moon Cafe in south Minneapolis. Participants come from the Northeast area, primarily. The group focuses on residents.

Folks from Transition Northeast meet every month on the 1st Tuesday at 8:30 am at Diamond’s Coffee Shop, 1618 Central Ave., Mpls. During this meeting, events in the community are announced and activities are planned, as well as general conversation about issues related to transitioning.


The group's activities are primarily advertised through the Transition Twin Cities Meetup Group. Aside from the Tuesday meeting, they have no other regularly scheduled monthly activities.

  • In January 2016, the group will demonstrate the process for converting wood to biochar (a soil amendment).
  • Members participated in the walipini construction project at Northeast United Methodist Church in 2015
  • The group holds occasional movie / discussion events in conjunction with the Eastside Food Co-op
  • They engage in the study of permaculture and discuss gardening

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Transition Day NE - May 6

Join Transition NE for a daylong series of skillshares and workshops, featuring speakers from Transition NE and other Transition groups across the Twin Cities. Learn to grow your own microgreens, how to create a multi-rain barrel setup for collecting water, how to extend the growing season and cook with the sun. See the complete list of activities at the Transition Day Event page.

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Everyone is invited to this presentation. Do you know what to do in a flash flood situation? Are you prepared for a lengthy power outage? ...

Safe and Prepared: Get Ready for Severe Storms and Power Outages

June 15, 2017, 6:30pm - June 15, 2017, 9:00pm

Severe storms, torrential rains, and strong winds can easily result in flash floods, downed trees and the loss of power for days, or even weeks (like the storm of 2013).

- Did you know that a foot of rain can sweep away a car and it only takes 6 inches to knock down a person?
- Do you have a plan and backup systems in place for lighting, cooking, food storage, and other daily living activities without electricity?
- - Are you prepared to weather the turbulence ahead?

• Casidy Anderson, Community Risk Reduction Officer with the Minneapolis Fire Department, will talk about how people can be safe during potentially life-threatening severe storm conditions
• Dave Crawford, naturalist with the DNR, and
• Bruce Stahlberg, Affordable Energy Solutions, will help you think about preparedness steps you can take and equipment you may want to have on hand to make your life easier during an extended power outage.

Do you have neighbors who are elderly or have special medical needs? Are they prepared? This series look at both personal preparedness and how we can build a more caring community, ready to face weather extremes.

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Leslie MacKenzie shared her event to the group: Transition NE Minneapolis. ...

Climate Series: Here Comes the Rain and what you can do about it

May 18, 2017, 6:30pm - May 18, 2017, 9:00pm

Minnesota is already experiencing more mega-rain events and for the first time since weather has been measured in our state, we experienced two mega-rains in one year – in 2016. How can we prepare for more extreme weather ahead?

• How will the quality and safety of our water being affected?
• Do you get water in your basement?
• What about indoor mold growth?
• Are you worried about flash floods?
• What about toxic algae growth in our lakes, will we see more of this in the near future?

- Pat Huelman, University of Minnesota – Keeping water out of your home

Solutions Panelists: Panelists Kelly Moriarty, engineer with the City of Minneapolis, Rob Czernik, permaculturist, and Tara Hanlon-Nevins, master water steward

SHARE what you know and help our community begin to develop an action plan. Where are we vulnerable to flooding? What can we do to prevent water from entering our homes? How can we prepare to bounce back after serious rains or flooding? How can we use our yards and boulevards to help with water infiltration?

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