Evacuate: Financial Records

Prepare for Extreme Weather: Week 19

​Evacuate: Bring Your Important Financial Records

This is the third, and the hardest of the documentation tasks but you’ve got momentum.

Taxes: Get copies of the last 3 years of tax forms, and take pictures of the fronts and backs of every one.

Financial Accounts: Locate every bank account and retirement account. Record the exact name of the financial institution that the account is held in, the account numbers, and note any passwords or PINS.

Stocks or bonds: Take a picture of the fronts and backs of any paper copies, or gather the electronic records into one place.

Property deeds: Take pictures, front, and back.

Legal titles to cars, motorcycles, motor homes, etc. Take photographs.

Lease agreements to which you are a party. Take a picture.

Email all these pictures and files to yourself, so they are archived in email.

Print 2 copies. Put one with your important papers in a secure location, and the other into the ziplock bag holding your earlier papers.

That’s it!

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