Shelter in Place: Stay Entertained

Get Ready for Extreme Weather: Week 16

Shelter in Place: Comfortable? Are the Kids Entertained?

Todays’ task is short and sweet. Put into your “disaster supply kit” at least one item for each person that battles boredom or provides comfort. Good choices might be a paperback book, playing cards, a compact game, toys, a small musical instrument, or items with emotional significance like a teddy bear or a favorite blanket.

Do you need a light source to be able to use that item? Does it need to be stored in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet?

Don’t forget your pets! What might they need?

Storing Your Supplies

Now you should have an adequate shelter-in-place disaster kit that can support your needs for 3 days. How will you store it? A clear plastic tub makes it easy to see what’s inside. Some people divvy things up into separate backpacks. In a coming email, we’ll see how your home kit can double as a go-bag.

However you chose to store your home kit, it now contains items to sustain life and a well-stocked first aid kit, complete with manual. You have tools to shut off utilities and appliances, and materials to seal the house if the structure is damaged. You have a radio to get news, and a few things to pass the time.

Doesn’t that feel great? Stay Safe!

This email series is brought to you by neighborhood volunteers at Transition Longfellow. It is designed to help you become more prepared for extreme weather emergencies. Transition Longfellow does not endorse or recommend any of the products mentioned in this email series. Neither Transition Longfellow nor Transition Twin Cities receives any compensation for products mentioned on their websites. Products are mentioned for illustration purposes only.