Transition Twin Cities Blog

“You’re on Your Own”

I have been part of a story gathering project for the past six months with Transition US, a national (and global) resilience-building movement. I’ve been interviewing people across the nation to learn about they had taken action to make their communities more caring, connected, [...]

You Cannot Go Where You Cannot Imagine Going

In 2019, a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 76% of respondents would describe climate change as a crisis or a major problem. Despite that large number, 62% said tackling climate change would require little or no sacrifice on their part. More than half of respondents said [...]

Telling a New Story to Create a New Future

Revitalizing Our Cultural Imagination Rob Hopkins is the founder of the Transition Town movement, a global grassroots groundswell of people taking personal and collective action to solve pressing global problems. Rob has spent the last 15 years observing the small and large solutions that arise [...]