St. Paul: Transition All St Anthony Park

Transition ASAPSt. Anthony Park has one of the largest, most active Transition groups in the Twin Cities. Transition ASAP – “All St. Anthony Park” – grew from an existing activism group that shifted its focus to energy resilience, supported by its local District Council. As it pursued the goals of climate awareness, the limits of fossil fuels, and the need for community adaptation, the group gained wide neighborhood support, solidifying as a Transition Town in 2014.

The Community Served

Located in the northwest corner of St. Paul, the neighborhood includes a lively mix of residents. Along the Green Line live the artists and entrepreneurs of the Creative Enterprise Zone. To the north is the U of M St. Paul campus and Luther Seminary, with students and faculty from around the state, the country and the world. Both parts of the neighborhood have small but thriving business districts and growing ethnic diversity, including residents from Somalia and Southeast Asia.

Transition ASAP Wins AwardIn 2014, Transition Town ASAP won a grant for its work from the SAP Community Foundation. The funds are helping the group host a series of community-wide meetings, do more outreach, involve student interns, and host two Transition Festivals.

A core planning group is now working on a long-term plan to shrink the neighborhood’s carbon footprint and improve resilience, based on broad community input.

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The group has multiple activities every month. Visit the website for information or contact them at