Transition Longfellow

Transition Longfellow logoTransition Longfellow began meeting in 2011 and welcomes people from all over Minneapolis and St. Paul to its activities. The group’s activities encourage people to make the changes they want to make in order to:

Transition Twin City ArticleThe Community Served

Transition Longfellow operates primarily in the Greater Longfellow community, which includes the neighborhoods of Cooper, Howe, Hiawatha and Longfellow. The neighborhood has a few unique characteristics that add flavor to this group’s transition efforts.

  • It is highly committed to the environment with a garden club, two gardening businesses, a large number of resident master gardeners, volunteers who maintain native areas along the river gorge, and community activities like rain garden installation.
  • The neighborhood is one of the largest users of car sharing (with many single-car families).
  • Biking features prominently as a transit method, and the community is home to The Hub bike shop on Minnehaha Ave.

Other significant businesses in or near the community include Gandhi Mahal, which grows its food locally and raises tilapia in a basement aquaponics unit, and a large number of second-hand shops along “Minnehaha Mile,” a clothing and gear repair shop — Repair Lair — and Free Geek, for computer reuse/recycling.

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