Whose Talking Transition?

It’s easier to make big and small changes in your life when you’ve seen others do it. On this page you’ll find links to local bloggers, radio programs with Transition speakers, podcasts from organizations that take a Transition perspective, and videos of real people telling us how and why they made lifestyle changes.

Share Your Story!

We’d like to get more of what we’re calling Role Model Videos of real people making real change. Please don’t be shy – the stakes are far too high. What you did and what you learned could make a difference for others.

  • Tech savvy souls – send us a cell phone video of 1 to 2 minutes. If we edit it, we’ll send you the edit for review before it goes online so you can approve it.
  • Don’t have the technology to do it yourself? We’ll have a very nice person come out and interview you. Just email and tell us what you’d like to talk about.
  • Want to nominate your role model? Tell us why they are wonderful and send us their email. We’ll see if they want to be in a video.


If you are a podcaster or know a podcast we should include here on one of the Transition topics, contact us.

Local Bloggers

The Transition Movement and Faith

  • Full Frontal Faith, by David Weiss, a weekly series looking at the intersection of Faith and the Transition

Sustainable Living

Food and Gardening


Lower Consumption/Minimalism/Zero Waste

Wide Ranging Ecological Subjects/Transition Thinking



Our Great Outdoors / Environmental Education

Organizational Blogs