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Resources to Make the Transition

Each of us has a part to play in reducing emissions from transportation, starting at our own front door. On the Live Cleaner page, we talked about steps you can take personally, and then gave you ideas for things groups can do.

If you live in the city, you’ve got lots of options so the question for you is, what will you do? If you live in a suburban or rural area, your options may be more limited. You might need to be more creative. You may need to set longer-term goals or connect with others in your community to create, or demand, the transit resources you need. What can you do now? What do you want to see in the future?

Individual Action is an Easy Way to Start

  • Metro Transit has a host of resources, not only buses but also vanpool and carpool assistance, as well as the Guaranteed Ride Home program to provide emergency transportation if you have an eligible emergency on a day you commuted.
  • Ready to consider an electric vehicle? Check out what the EPA has to say in its Green Vehicle Guide. You can also visit car dealerships. PlugInConnect is a local source for information. Talk with electric vehicle drivers in Facebook groups like Drive Electric MN or Plug Into MN.
  • Looking for a non-electric car but still want good mileage. See
  • Want to explore living without a car? Try an HourCar membership.
  • Want to do more biking – or get a bike on the fly when the bus just isn’t cutting it? Get a NiceRide membership or a one-day ride pass.
Hour Car Service Area

Hour Car Service Area

Who Can Help?

Below are organizations working in the area of transportation. Think about whether you can partner with them to have an even greater impact in the world.

This list may not be complete. If there are organizations or companies you would like to see added, please email the webmaster to request consideration for inclusion. Resources found on this website are for informational purposes only and listing does not constitute endorsement. Transition Twin Cities does not receive any financial support from companies listed here.

Join us on the journey to cleaner, safer transportation.

MOVE MinnesotaMOVE Minnesota is MN’s leading transportation advocacy nonprofit. MOVE is working to create an equitable transportation system that puts people first and moves beyond our outdated and car-centric infrastructure. Contact: Email: , Phone: (651) 767-0298Transit Advocacy, Transportationtransit-advocacy transportation
Minnesota Complete Streets CoalitionComplete Streets works with city planners to develop street plans that are safe and accessible for pedestrians, transit riders, bicyclists, and drivers regardless of age or ability. Contact: Fresh Energy, Email:, Phone: (651) 225-0878Transit Advocacy, Transportationtransit-advocacy transportation
Have Fun BikingHave Fun Biking is a comprehensive resource for cyclists in Minnesota. From information on bike repairs and upgrades to trail/road maps, this organization is focused on making it easier for Minnesotans to travel by bike. Contact: Email: , Phone: (612) 723-4511Bike Resources, Transportationbike-resources-transportation transportation
St. Paul Bicycle CoalitionThe Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition strives to establish bicycle friendly culture and infrastructure in Saint Paul, Minnesota through thoughtful public participation and a strong network of cyclists, politicians, and interested citizens working for positive change. Contact: Andy Singer,  andy@andysinger.comBike Resources, Ramsey County, Transit Advocacy, Transportationbike-resources-transportation ramsey-county transit-advocacy transportation
Bicycle Alliance of MinnesotaThe Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota(BikeMN) is a member based organization promoting bicycling focused on the following program areas: Advocacy, Education, Encouragement, and Technical Assistance. Contact: Email: , More Contacts: Resources, Transit Advocacy, Transportationbike-resources-transportation transit-advocacy transportation
How Walkable is Your Community?Walkscore is an online tool that provides information about the walkability of different neighborhoods.Transportation, Walk Resourcestransportation walk-resources
Safe Routes to School (MN Department of Transportation)Safe Routes to School works to encourage walking to biking to school by providing information about safe routes, traffic safety skills, and the benefits of bicycling and walking.  Safe Routes to School also offers grants and funding to help communities improve walking and bicycling to school. Contact: Dave Cowan, Email: …Bike Resources, Transit Advocacy, Transportation, Walk Resourcesbike-resources-transportation transit-advocacy transportation walk-resources
Sierra ClubThe North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club seeks to advance our abundant renewable energy resources and end our dependence on fossil fuels to provide cleaner, healthier air and a stable climate.  This group also works on the issues of climate change, conservation, and improving land use.  The Clean Energy …Climate Action, Climate Information, Electric Vehicles, Land Use, Plants & Animals, Renewable Energy, Transit Advocacy, Transportationclimate-action climate-information electric-vehicles land-use plants-animals renewable-energy transit-advocacy transportation climate boost-natural-systems energy
Alliance For SustainabilityThe Alliance for Sustainability brings municipalities and community volunteers together to create opportunities to scale up clean energy actions and community sustainability efforts. Contact:, Phone: (612) 250-0389Climate, County/City Plans, Energy, Energy Advocacy, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Waste Reductionclimate county-city-plans energy energy-advocacy energy-policy renewable-energy transportation wastereduction
Fresh EnergyFresh Energy provides comprehensive info about Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy in areas of legislation, regulation, policy, and public outreach. Fresh Energy sponsors programs in the areas of energy access and equity, beneficial electrification, energy efficiency, clean power, and more. Fresh Energy can provide public speakers for events. …Electric Vehicles, Energy, Energy Advocacy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Transportationelectric-vehicles energy energy-advocacy energy-efficiency energy-policy renewable-energy transportation
MN350MN350 is a volunteer-led climate justice organization working to organize and mobilize Minnesotans to take action on climate issues.  MN350 has committees working on energy, food systems, transportation, pipeline resistance, and other areas of climate concern. Contact: Email:, Phone: (612) 440-5350Climate, Climate Action, Climate Justice, Climate Policy, Energy, Energy Advocacy, Energy Policy, Transit Advocacyclimate climate-action climate-justice climate-policy energy energy-advocacy energy-policy transit-advocacy transportation
Streets.MNStreets MN is a website sharing information that explores the pressing issues facing our cities, towns, neighborhoods, and the places in between. Streets MN has a focus on transportation, advocating for a people focused transportation system rather than a system catered to private vehicles. Contact: Resources, Transit Advocacy, Transportation, Walk Resourcesbike-resources-transportation transit-advocacy transportation walk-resources
Metro Transit Guaranteed Ride HomeGuaranteed Ride Home is a resource sponsored by Metro Transit that provides emergency transportation for those who use alternative transport(walk, bike, carpool, transit) to get to work or school at least three times per week. This encourages alternative transport by giving people the security of knowing they have a fast, …Transportationtransportation
Community of St. Martin Alternative Gas Tax CampaignThe Community of St. Martin’s Alternative Gas Tax Campaign is a group from CMS that agrees to voluntarily pay a “tax” based on their gas spending to go into a communal fund to be contributed to climate change/clean transportation advocacy groups. This extra “tax” on gas is meant to reflect …Transportationtransportation
Metro TransitMetro Transit is the public transportation system serving the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Check out their website for information on routes, fares, programs, and ways to give feedback to this public service. Contact:, Transit Advocacy, Transportationbus-carpool transit-advocacy transportation
PlugInConnectPlugInConnect is a great source of information for electric vehicle owners and those considering purchasing an EV. PIX has developed business solutions and strategies for utility company EV programs, apartment building charging, workplace charging, as well as general outreach and education. Contact: Vehicles, Transportationelectric-vehicles transportation
Drive Electric MinnesotaDrive Electric Minnesota is a partnership between players in the electric vehicle industry aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in Minnesota. DEM is a hub for communities of current and future EV owners. Contact: Email: , Phone: (612) 767-7292Electric Vehicles, Transportationelectric-vehicles transportation
Plug Into MNPlug Into MN is a resource for Electric Vehicle owners that has mapped the locations of EV charging stations in MN in order to help EV drivers use their vehicles for trips longer than their regular commute. Contact: MNrevolt@grenergy.comElectric Vehicles, Transportationelectric-vehicles transportation
HOURCARHOURCAR is a local nonprofit car-sharing organization serving the twin cities. HOURCAR provides an alternative to public transit for those who cannot afford/choose not to own their own cars. HOURCAR users pick up a vehicle from a specified hub, use the vehicle for as long as needed, and return the …Car/Bike Sharing, Transportationcar-bike-sharing transportation
Nice Ride MinneapolisNice Ride is a bike sharing company serving Minneapolis that offers affordable bike rental to and from any of its hundreds of hubs. Users can buy either a single ride, day pass, or annual pass to check out a bike from Nice Ride. Contact: Sharing, Transportationcar-bike-sharing transportation
Our Streets MinneapolisOur Streets Minneapolis is a volunteer driven and community supported organization working towards a city where biking, walking, and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone. Contact: Email: , Phone: (612) 568-6227Bike Resources, Hennepin County, Transit Advocacy, Transportation, Walk Resourcesbike-resources-transportation hennepin-county transit-advocacy transportation walk-resources
ampUpampUp is an app for android and iOS where Electric Vehicle drivers can help other EV owners by sharing chargers and mapping routes for longer trips around existing charging stations. Contact: Email: info@ampup.ioEconomy & Sharing, Electric Vehicles, Sharing, Transportationeconomy-sharing electric-vehicles sharing transportation
Ramsey County Bicycle & Pedestrian PlanIn 2015 Ramsey County Released a plan led by Active Living Ramsey Communities that outlines an approach to supporting walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.  Rather than a plan for specific projects, this document contains a set of tools and actions to engage community members and local government in supporting walk and …Bike Resources, County/City Plans, Ramsey County, Transit Advocacy, Transportation, Walk Resourcesbike-resources-transportation county-city-plans ramsey-county transit-advocacy transportation walk-resources
2040 Hennepin County Bicycle Transportation PlanHennepin County’s Bicycle Transportation Plan presents a vision of ways to make bicycling safe and comfortable to people of all ages. This plan includes a map of proposed bike infrastructure to be implemented before 2040. Contact: Jordan Kocak, bike and pedestrian coordinator, , (612) 543-3377Bike Resources, County/City Plans, Hennepin County, Transportationbike-resources-transportation county-city-plans hennepin-county transportation
Metropolitan Council Local Planning HandbookThe Met Council has produced a Local Planning Handbook to help communities update their local comprehensive plans in the areas of land use, transportation, water resources, parks and trails, housing, energy infrastructure, resilience, health, economy and social connection. See the workbook at Policy, County/City Plans, Energy Policy, Food Systems, Housing, Land Use, Metro-Wide Resource, Policy & Advocacy, Preparedness, Resilience, Transportation, Waste Reduction, Water Protectionclimate-policy county-city-plans energy-policy food-systems affordable-sustainable-housing land-use metro-wide-resource policy-advocacy preparedness resilience transportation wastereduction water-protection climate energy food boost-natural-systems
WalkScoreHow walkable is your community – or the place where you want to move? Use the WalkScore tool to find out.Walk Resourceswalk-resources transportation
Open Source Bike ShareA free bike-sharing system suitable for smaller communities, university campuses, and companies. You CAN launch your own bikeshare.Bike Resources, Car/Bike Sharing, Transportationbike-resources-transportation car-bike-sharing transportation

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