Sustainable Stillwater

While not operating under the umbrella of "Transition," Sustainable Stillwater has many of the same interests and takes promotes similar avenues of action as  Transition groups. If you live in the eastern suburbs, connect with this recently formed grassroots community group.

Sustainable Stillwater's Mission

Connecting communities today to inspire and create sustainable living for our future using our three pillars:

  1. Healthy & Connected Community – Healthy, active living, socially connected and accessible communities
  2. Local Economic Vitality – Socially-conscious, earth-friendly, local business and residential communities
  3. Resource & Environmental Stewardship – Ecologically resource-conserving, waste reducing, regenerative green communities

Visit their website - Sustainable Stillwater - for a calendar of events and reports on past activities. For more info, or to get involved, contact Louise Watson, Cooordinator, at