Twin Cities Transition Groups

The Twin Cities is a hotbed of activity on issues that further the goals of Transition – to reduce greenhouse gas production, to limit climate change, and to build a more sustainable future. These activities are led by numerous nonprofit groups, as well as Transition groups, which take a holistic approach to the problems we face.

In the Twin Cities, Transition groups have organized at the neighborhood level. That’s not the case everywhere it is the case here. This website provides information about all known Transition groups that have regularly scheduled and advertised meetings and contact information. If you are part of a Transition group and you would like to be listed here, please use the Contact form to give us information about yourself.

Twin Cities Transition Groups

If you’re interested in an activity being done by a Transition group in your community or another community, feel free to attend or to contact the group with questions. Most Transition activities are open to anyone – regardless of location of residence. Note that some activities require registration and a few activities may be for area residents only (particularly if they are funded by a neighborhood association or district council).

Start a Group

If there is no group in your area, START ONE! It’s not hard. There is no paperwork. There is no cost. All you need is a space to meet and a few people who – like you – want to make a difference in your community.

If you’d like help getting a group started, just ask. Organizers in other area groups will be happy to talk with you about what they did, and can provide you with access to resources.