Day of Skillshares – Sept 30

Saturday, September 30, is the kickoff event for Transition Mac Groveland/ Union Park (TMUP). They will be hosting a DAY OF SKILLSHARES at Macalester College, Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, 130 S. Macalester Street, St. Paul MN.

Anyone can participate in a Transition group. Most activities are free or low-cost. You can learn to grow food, how to reduce your energy use and save money, how you can support your local economy, ways to use resources wisely, prepare for extreme weather, and build a more socially connected community

The workshops are free unless otherwise noted. Stay for the whole day or come for just one workshop. Bring a bag lunch and participate in the conversation at noon, sharing what you would like to see happen in our neighborhoods.

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Morning Sessions for Transition Day

9-9:50 am Personal Power DownAre you ready to get serious about reducing your energy use? There are lots of ways to take action, regardless of age, income or housing type. Start your own energy descent plan. You'll receive a booklet to help you get started. Leslie MacKenzie is with Transition Longfellow. She has been implementing energy reduction strategies since putting solar panels on her house.
9-9:50 amGoing Zero WasteAlyssa Erding will share her story of going zero waste, taking you through the ups and downs of her journey. She'll share tips and tricks for how to start on your own path towards a more sustainable lifestyle, whether it's swearing off single use plastics, making your own sunscreen, or going full-blown zero waste. Alyssa is a recent college graduate who loves a lot of things, including Zero Waste, vegan cooking (especially baking!), rock climbing, yoga, dogs, and singing. She graduated from Macalester College with a BA in Environmental Studies in May of 2017 and has no plans beyond moving to New Zealand with a "bike and a backpack".
9-9:50 amEureka Recycling: Building the Zero Waste MovementHow do we turn individual action into systems change? Learn the most effective ways to support zero waste in your community. An employee from Eureka Recycling
10-10:50 amJoin the Sharing EconomySharing - it's a big part of the New Economy. Share a car, a house, a garden. Become part of a babysitting coop, a grocery buying club, a time bank. Learn more about the many ways you can benefit from sharing, and resources to make sharing work for you. Leslie MacKenzie is with Transition Longfellow. She shares her home, her garden, and is a member of a community kombucha CSA.
10-10:50 amGrow an Edible LandscapeYou don't have to have a vegetable garden to grow edibles in your yard. Theresa will talk about trees, shrubs, herbs and other edible and beautiful vegetation. Theresa Rooney is a Hennepin County Master Gardener and life-long gardener who incorporates common sense and permaculture into her garden and life.
10-10:50 amLearn about Master GardenersThe mission of University of Minnesota Extension Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers is to educate residents in University research-based, eco-friendly gardening to improve our physical and environmental health. Learn what it takes to become a master gardener.Lisa Pearson and Susana Nystrom are Ramsey County master gardeners.
11-11:50 amBackyard ChickensDreaming of fresh eggs and friendly chickens? Get the scoop on being a good chicken owner. Quantina Beck Jones is a chicken-keeping instructor with six laying hens at her Minneapolis home.
11-11:50 amGrow your own MicrogreensDid you know you can grow fresh salad greens throughout the ​year with no lights, no greenhouse, and little more than a cupboard and a windowsill? Lee Olson will teach you how to grow sprouted seeds in soil, employing a method that encourages a long stem without expansive roots and provides delicious, healthy salad greens in less than ten days at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the market. ($5 at door)​Lee Olson is a West Side Transitioner who likes to garden, can, brew kombucha, knit, read, talk sustainability and hang with her family and friends.
11-11:50 amLearn About Tree Care AdvisorsTree Care Advisor volunteers provide Minnesota communities with a valuable pool of educated stewards to support and enhance urban and community forests. Learn how you can become a Tree Care Advisor.Ashley Reichard is a tree care advisor.


Noon to 12:50 pm

Bring your own lunch and join us for an introduction to Transition and a conversation about what we would activities we would like to see happen in our community.


Afternoon Sessions for Transition Skillshare Day

1-1:30 pm CANCELLED Worry-free jellies and jams
1-1:30 pm Learn to Make Kombucha and KefirLearn how to make healthy, flavorful soft drinks at home. Ebony Beck has been making her own kombucha and kefir for years.
1-1:30 pm Learn about Hour DollarsNeed help with something? Have a skill to share? Join your local time bank and participate in the sharing economy to get the job done. Mary Konsela is a member of Hour Dollars, the Twin Cities local time bank.
1:45-2:15 pm Reuse: Turn Rags Into RugsUse a creative, hands-on upcycling activity, like making rag rugs, to attract people of all ages and convey the Zero Waste message. Try your hand at a floor loom or rug braidingMindy Keskinen is a book editor who also does communications and outreach projects for Transition Town ASAP.
1:45-2:15 pm Reuse: Turn Sweaters into MittensMake mittens out of old sweaters! Lee will share a pattern and show you how to make your own. You will go home with a pair to hand sew when you need a break from the books. Lot's of ways to embellish them too for your own look.​Lee Olson is a West Side Transitioner who likes to garden, can, brew kombucha, knit, read, talk sustainability and hang with her family and friends.
1:45-2:15 pm Simple Solar SolutionsThere's more to solar than electric (PV) panels. Everyone can use it! Charge batteries and phones, solar cooking equipment, solar lights, solar water pumps ... these are just a few affordable solar solutions. Keith Dent is a Project Manager/Lead Solar Installer with Innovative Power Systems and President of Just B Solar. I ran a summer camp at Shiloh Temple International Ministries in North Minneapolis and also a Breck School. Youth campers learn the basics of solar energy. They work in groups to find out how a solar oven is designed, build solar powered houses, boats and so much more.
2:30-3 pmGet Ready to Drop a CarNo matter how many cars you and your family have, you can work to get rid of one by using more transit, car sharing, biking, and walking. We all have to start where we are. Getting familiar with the non-car infrastructure in your neighborhood is a start.Pat Thompson is part of Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park, where she is part of the transportation and zero waste action groups.
2:30-3 pmWhat You Need to Know about Electric CarsDid you know that plug-in vehicle owners have driven over 120 million gas free miles in Minnesota? We will be talking about the electric vehicle market, what models are available and what is it like to drive an electric car in Minnesota. You will also have a chance to get all your questions answered.Jukka Kukkonen is the founder of PlugInConnect, a Minnesota-based electric vehicle market and technology consulting firm. In 2012 he started the MN PEV Owners Circle that has grown to become one of the largest and most active regional plug-in vehicle owner groups in the nation. He works as EV market advisor for Fresh Energy. In 2012, Jukka was honored with a Certificate of Recognition from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's office for his work with the EV market in Minnesota, and in 2013 he received the Sustainable St Paul Award.
2:30-3 pmLearn about the St. Paul Tool LibraryDon't have the tool you need? Check out the new St. Paul Tool Library where you will find a variety of tools you can borrow for just the cost of a membership. Nikita Godette and Peter Hoh are volunteer with the St. Paul Tool Library, located at 755 Prior Ave N, St Paul.