Transition West Side/West St. Paul

Building a Stronger, More Resilient Community on the West Side


We are a start-up group that began meeting in the fall of 2016. We welcome neighbors from the West Side of St. Paul and West St. Paul. Please join us for activities or consider becoming a member of the planning team to help us identify activities that will benefit our community and grow our group. Contact Lee if you would like to learn more or participate.

Transition West Side will engage in activities related to the issues of Transition: community building, energy reduction and renewables, food growing and preservation, climate adaptation and preparing for extreme weather. Our plans for 2017 include skill shares, social activities and movie nights.

The West Side community has some very active energy and food-related organizations that people interested in Transition will want to know about and get involved with:

  • Growing West Side offers food-related programs on the West Side, manages a community garden on Stryker and Elizabeth, an orchard at Station 6 Firehouse on Cesar Chavez, and the West Side Farmers Market in the parking lot of the Icy Cup on Stryker and George (Saturday mornings, spring through fall). Other programs include Beans on the Boulevard, a seed library and classes on growing things.
  • WSCO, the West Side neighborhood association, partners with Growing West Side on food related projects. It also has a Walk and Ride (transportation) committee.
  • The Center for Earth, Energy & Democracy (CEED) provides community education on important energy, environment, and development issues so all community members can participate in public decision-making. This organization promotes strategies for learning and sharing information around environmental justice on energy and and climate issues.