Transition Natl Gathering – July 2017

Mark your calendars for the first ever Transition National Gathering. We expect community resilience builders from across the country to come together to generate new ideas about how we can collectively move toward our vision of a resilient future. Together, we will deepen our relationships with each other, broaden our knowledge of practical solutions, and scale-up strategies to bring our shared vision of healthy, sustainable, and just local communities to life throughout the US.

Visit the Transition Gathering website for a complete list of workshops (there are 45!) and to register.

This Gathering welcomes people who are not currently part of a Transition group, but who are doing work in community. There are many workshops to help volunteer groups become stronger and more effective, deal with conflict, and expand their network. People who may find this Gathering useful and inspiring include:

  • Green team members
  • Creation care teams
  • Neighborhood environment committees
  • Groups working to influence city and state government


Living Transition Values: The gathering aspires to align with Transition values, such as:

  • Sustainability, including zero waste and local, sustainably sourced food. Organizers invite participants to make their travel plans as low-impact as possible (ex: carpool, train, etc.) and to take action to offset your emissions in the near-term. We will also offer virtual participation options for those who don’t wish to or are unable to travel.
  • Inclusivity: We strive to make this gathering as low-cost as possible, and to offer scholarships and work-trade positions to ensure cost is not a barrier to participation. We strive to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all, including families with children.
  • Collaboration: This gathering is the result of a collaborative, co-creative process between Transition organizers across the country. Our goal is to create a participatory, empowering event that will strengthen our grassroots network and enhance our abilities to collaborate effectively.

How Local People Can Help

Lodging: Lodging for 100 people will be available at Macalester College but we will need additional housing options, especially for families. If you can offer a room or a couch to an out-of-town guest, please contact local homestay coordinator Rebecca Cramer.

Local Organizing Team: There are numerous opportunities for volunteers to help bring this gathering to life. Contact Michael Russelle if you can assist with the planning team, which is working on childcare, transportation coordination, arranging a tour of local sustainability sites, technology for off-site presenters, registration, and other local preparations.

Scholarship Assistance: Help with the scholarship or work-trade program or provide scholarship support to enable more people to attend. Contact Don Hall.

Event Sponsorship: To provide financial sponsorship for the event or to share potential sponsors with the conference organizers, contact Don Hall.