Transition: A Creative and Empowering Citizen Movement

What is a Transition Town?

Transition is a global grassroots movement engaging hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life in taking practical action to create more sustainable and resilient communities. There are more than 1,100 Transition initiatives in 43 countries across the globe, and more than 450 in the U.S.

Transition connects the dots between climate change, our dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and a volatile economy. It shows us how the biggest problems we face today are related and how we can take steps together to address them.

Transition US and the (international) Transition Network provide information, ideas and resources to help groups get up and running. Transition offers a set of guiding principles to help groups organize themselves effectively and operate in positive, inclusive manner.

Solutions That Fit the Community

Every Transition community is unique, with its own set of challenges and resources. The overarching issues will be the same but the practical solutions that groups devise will be those that best fit their situation. It’s common, though, for people in Transition groups to explore ways to:

  • Shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy or less energy
  • Explore lower-carbon transportation options
  • Learn to grow food and take action to build a more resilient food system that provides healthy, affordable food for everyone
  • Invests their money in ways that support local businesses, local jobs and a more just economic system
  • Make wise decisions about purchasing and disposing of goods
  • Prepare for more extreme weather as we move further into climate change
  • Protect the health of people and the environment
  • Build more connected communities

Knowledge Isn’t Enough

We are buried under data. It’s clear that information handbook200alone isn’t enough to help us make the shift our society needs to make. We also need vision, imagination, role models, support systems, and encouragement. We need young and old working together. We need community.

That’s what makes Transition groups different from  government initiatives, nonprofit programs, and business products. Transition is about people. It’s about neighbors sharing what they know, supporting one another in learning, in trying new things, and making real changes in our lives.

Whether you’re interested in local food, green spaces and pollinators, renewable energy or energy efficiency, tiny houses or passive houses, strong local businesses, emergency preparedness, or a more connected community, a neighborhood Transition group is where you can put your interests into action.

Join a group, bring a friend!

Learn more about Transition groups in the Twin Cities. If there is no group in your area, consider starting a group. It's easy.