Communication Plan: Emergency Phone Numbers

Get Ready for Extreme Weather: Week 9

Carry Your Emergency Numbers with You

car in snowWallet Contact List
This week, we will make an Emergency Contact Card to keep in your wallet. It’s a key part of your personal and family emergency communications plan. You can customize a card for each member of your family or give everyone the same card. Check out a few examples and see what works for you.

Here’s an example of a real, small-sized wallet card (using the above small-size customizable form).

Whose name should be on your card?

  • Who do you want to be notified if you are injured or ill?
  • What numbers will you need if your car breaks down or your house burns?
  • What neighbors could check on something for you if you are away?
  • Where is your away-from-home emergency meeting place – local and further away? You may need to call them to alert them that you will be coming.

Include a label next to the name to clarify relationships in case someone else is making the call on your behalf.

You may want to laminate it so it lasts. You can do that on the cheap by covering the paper with clear packing tape after you have filled it out, or you can take it to a shop that does that work (Ivy Printing in Seward can do it).

Coming Up Next: Create a Meet-Up Plan

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