Transition NOW!

to a More Sustainable Future

Every day it becomes increasingly clear that we need to take action NOW to transition our homes, our businesses, and our communities to a more sustainable way of living. Across the Twin Cities and the globe, people are taking action – alone and together in community – to become part of the solution. You can too. You can begin TODAY to reduce your carbon footprint. This website and local Transition Town groups can help you:

Jarring & Canning

Throughout this website you will find videos of Twin City residents who have taken steps to Make the Transition in their own lives. If you’ve taken action to live more sustainably, send us a 1 minute video!

Ideas and resources found on this website are for informational purposes only. Listing does not constitute endorsement.

Everyone Has a Part

Everyone Has a Part

Some say that the only thing that matters now is systems change and political action. We DO need systems change and action at the highest levels of government. There are many excellent organizations in Minnesota using a variety of strategies to have an impact. Your skills and passion and financial support will be welcomed.

But it’s equally important that we all take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprints so we can be the change we need to see in the world. As hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands of of everyday citizens make the changes they CAN make, we become the systems change we need to see.

Community-based Transition Town groups can help you find ways to take action.

Transition Towns is a global grassroots movement that has engaged millions of people of all ages, races, abilities, religions and income levels in taking practical action to create lower-carbon, more resilient and connected communities. There are more than 1,100 Transition initiatives in 43 countries across the globe, and more than 100 groups in the U.S. 

No One Can Do It Alone

We’ve known about the serious problems created by increasing greenhouse gas levels for several decades. Why haven’t we seen the big changes we need to see?

Because information isn’t enough. We also need vision … and a roadmap people can follow. We need a plan for how we can overcome barriers. We need role models to show us in practical ways how we can lower our carbon footprint and make more sustainable choices. We need support systems and encouragement. That’s what a Transition Town group can bring to the table. Transition Town groups start with a vision of what a resilient, low-carbon community can look like, and then help people identify steps they can take – in their household and in their community – to reach that goal.

By working together, we can help to shape our shared future.


Connect to a Transition Group, or another grassroots group, in your area

Find a Transition Town group near you. Visit a meeting, participate in an activity, and join their Facebook page. If there is no group in your neighborhood, feel free to attend one in another community. Most Transition group activities are open to the public. This website also includes links to other grassroots groups in areas where there is no Transition group.

Start a Transition group

If you’d like to get something going on your block, in your neighborhood, or at your faith community, go ahead and start a group! It’s easy and it’s free. Just find a few friends and do it!

If you start a group, please contact the Transition Twin Cities organizer and share your name, email and community. If we know of others in your area who want to be part of a group, we’ll connect you together and provide resources to help you get started. You can even get a page on this website to advertise your group and activities.

The global Transition network provides resources on starting and growing a group.

Transition US provides a variety of online and in-person trainings:

  • Transition LAUNCH! to start a group
  • Transition Thrive to make existing groups more effective
  • Effective Groups to enhance group performance
  • The Art of Hosting
  • Topical webinars

Dive in! Transition folks are here for you. We’re all in this together.

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